proact stocka6Stock Analysis

Stock Markets have undergone large fluctuations during these last years.

To be able to survive in these circumstances everyone should first of all attend the Stock Market fluctuations day-by-day.

In addition, he/she might have the available information on-time and make immediate decisions without any delay. One day of delay is enough to change the strategic of tactical targets of someone.

To assist those who are interested in the Stock Markets, PRO-ACTION provides a platform that can be applied so as to provide information services every day. In particular, PRO-ACTION experts use the most advanced and intelligent tools and take advantage of well established methods (e.g. Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis) in order to provide daily Analyses and Forecasts on the stock prices.

PRO-ACTION has used for several years its platform for predicting the short-term fluctuations of the Athens Stock Exchange stocks (in Greece), on a daily basis.

The same technology can apply (with proper parametrisation and after a careful market analysis) to other Stock Markets as well worldwide.

The experience from the Greek Stock Market (which is quite unpredictable) showed that PRO-ACTION services could protect the investors from losses while the right stock targeting at the right time could provide considerable antagonistic advantages during upward trend periods.