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Prices of Petroleum Products are a major factor that affects the operation of many companies on a daily basis. These prices are under a constant change even during the day. As a result, the affected companies are in frequent need to reconsider their tactics and daily operation choices, in order to achieve an effective and efficient outcome, with respect to the petroleum price fluctuations.

In order to enable all those interested parties, to schedule IN TIME their appropriate actions that are affected by price changes, PRO-ACTION offers a new service for Oil Price Analyses. The Petroleum products are either under direct negociation in various international exchange markets or are derivatives of other products that are negociated in those markets. As a result, petroleum product prices mainly depend on the daily negociations and fluctuations of the corresponding products in the international exchange markets.

PRO-ACTION offers daily commentary for the price evolution of the European oil market products BRENT CRUDE OIL and GAS OIL in the ICE. Moreover, it can offer FORECASTS for the Trends of the product prices (ie.. whether the trend is expected to be Upward, Downward or Stable), both Short-Term (for the next day) and Medium or Long-Term (next weeks or months even).

Short-Term estimates are of interest to those involved in activities affected by small price fluctuations on a daily basis and require Decisions from their part for issues that should be implemented in 1-2 days.

Medium-term estimates are of interest to those companies that involve in inventory management and want to properly schedule their inventories, so that they minimise their relevant costs and accordingly they maximize their profits from the operation of the corresponding activities.