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The mission of PRO-ACTION is to support Corporations & Organizations to Plan their Business and Forecast their Anticipated Performance in various circumstances (scenarios). Furthermore, PRO-ACTION can assess the Impact, the Feasibility and the Risk of various such Scenarios and suggest the Optimal Feasible Decisions. To be successful in the above, PRO-ACTION commits, in every project, the approach provided by the following steps:

  • Clear up the Customer Targets & Priorities.
  • Formulate a Methodology for attaining these targets and examine the feasibility and the viability of each suggested alternative.
  • Locate and try to Prevent problems, Avoid unnecessary Waste of Time, Minimize Cost by tight planning and management, avoid Non-feasible Alternatives from the beginning and be oriented towards Direct Benefit Maximization within the available resources.
  • The major portfolio of PRO-ACTION Services, is:

    Furthermore, PRO-ACTION has developed and promotes Intelligent Software Tools that are relevant to its services, such as:

    • "DECISION FORCE" that uses Data Mining techniques for advanced Pattern Discovery and Predictive Modeling.
    • Forecasting Tool for management-oriented, user-friendly Sales & Demand Forecasting based on Past Data.
    • Personnel Performance Assessment and Optimal Resource Allocation Tool for assessing the skills, screening and optimize the allocation of many employees (and candidate employees) into a specified number of positions in several Job Specialisations.
    • In addition PRO-ACTION can co-operate and work with other Intelligent Software Tools available in the Market, for the provision of its Services, subject to the Customer preferences.

    PRO-ACTION was founded in 1996 by Dr. George Kalkanis who is an Expert in Business Planning, Modelling and Predictive Analysis Services. Up to now, the Company has been involved as a Primary Contractor or Subcontractor to several Projects providing with success the range of Services presented above to several customers from different business sectors.