The Pharmaceutical Sector includes both  Big Pharmaceutical companies and smaller Biotechnology Companies that mainly deal with drug development.

PRO-ACTION has extensive experience with this sector and provides Advanced Analytics and Business Planning solutions to both types of companies.

The major subjects where PRO-ACTION can provide solutions for the Pharmaceutical sector, are:

1. Sales Forecasting ofproactnew testtubered various products in the near future, based on sales of the same or other similar products in the past, taking also into account the competitive environment.

2. Comparative Evaluation and Estimate of the Prospects and Potential of a Product Sales, taking into account Regional factors, Competition, General Market Data.

3. Strategic Resource Allocation for the sales of a portfolio of Products of a Pharmaceutical Company in order to put priority to the Products (or Therapeutic Categories) that yield optimal potential profitability, taking into account budget limits, human resource availability and short and long term business goals.

4. Pro-active Physician Targeting: Analysis of the profile of the prescribing behaviour of physicians, aimed at predicting the expected response of a new physician towards a product. This is done by screening the physicians’ Data Base, to focus only towards those who are most likely to prescribe a product. This innovative target can be attained using software tools that can perform Physician Profile Discovery and Predictive Modelling (e.g. our proprietary software  DECISION FORCE and other relevant advanced tools available in the market).

5. Strategic Business Planning for smaller Biotechnology Companies. This includes the development of a Business Plan for a Company, the estimation of the Company potential with respect to the existing pipeline of drugs under development (taking into account the drug features, the market and the competition) and the estimation and proposals for the best financing mix of the Company (including Private or Public company options).