RFP Preparation and Assessment

The preparation of a Request For Proposals (RFP) for a medium or large-scale project is one of the most critical factors for the success of the entire project.

The Selection of a Sub-Optimal proposal may lead to Higher Costs, Longer Implementation Times, Insufficient Quality of the final product, Bad Relationships between Supplier and Customer or often Selection of a good but Not the Appropriate Alternative for this particular Customer case.

Based on its Analytics expertise, PRO-ACTION has developed a Rational Approach for RFP Preparation and Assessment.

The RFP is often the result of some initial feasibility study which can be carried out by PRO-ACTION or can be provided ready by the customer.

The approach of PRO-ACTION to RFP Preparation and Assessment is focussed on the following points:

  • Clear up a complete set of the Customer Objectives
  • Encode these Objectives into a Set of Quantifiable Targets
  • Agree with the Customer on the Priorities amongst these Objectives and Quantify these Priorities
  • Issue the RFP to the Candidate Suppliers, including all the above
  • Develop a Model to incorporate all the Objectives, Targets, Priorities in a set of clear Quantitative formulas.
  • Assess the Received Proposals from the Candidates with respect to the Model and provide a Report with corresponding Proposals.

PRO-ACTION has applied this approach with successful outcomes in a major Business Intelligence project and also a major E-Banking project.