Decision Force Capabilities

  • DECISION FORCE has a Data Base that can store data for each application domain of interest. Any data file is a collection of records that represent past events from the corresponding application domain.
  • Each past event is described both by the circumstances under which it occurred and by its final outcomes.
  • Advanced Learning Algorithms that combine methods from Statistics, Operations Research and Artificial Intelligence, search through the Data Base in order to discover the rules (the patterns) that relate the outcome of an event to the input circumstances under which this event occurs.
  • In consequence, DECISION FORCE can automatically extract the necessary knowledge for the prediction of the outcomes of future events, based on the outcomes of similar past events.
  • This knowledge is expressed as a set of rules that collectively form the prediction model. Such rules dictate what is the likely outcome of a case for any combination of circumstances and properties related to that case.
  • DECISION FORCE is a parametric software package with a workflow-customisable interface.
  • DECISION FORCE has an extensive USER MANUAL whose purpose is to provide a methodology for developing applications. Moreover a Context-sensitive On-Line Help, provides any required assistance to the user, during the operation of the system.