Distinctive Features of Decision Force

  1. Rule Based Models that are easily Comprehensible to any Manager who does not need to know advanced mathematics or statistics in order to interpret them.
  2. Easy to Understand but also Complete Statistics that accompany rule based models.
  3. Capability to explicitly determine the Profile of the circumstances that affect the occurrence of any event.
  4. Automatic Model Extraction from large Data Bases in a few minutes or seconds.
  5. Provision of detailed Explanations on how the system reaches a decision on the expected outcome of a future event.
  6. Dialog with the User during the Prediction of the Outcome of a new event and possibility of the user to ask the system Why it requires any particular input value.
  7. proactnew chartObjective Estimation of the expected Model Performance on the prediction of new events, during or after model construction, using advanced model testing methods such as Resubstitution, Average Holdout and Cross-validation.
  8. Grouping of several Models together in order to simultaneously predict several target factors.
  9. Possibility to select any target factor for prediction from the problem domain, and also possibility to assign any input factors (independent variables) where the prediction of the target factor is based.
  10. Customisation of the system to applications that can be fully defined and developed by the user(the manager) who does not need to have any technical knowledge or intervene in the program code in any manner.