PRO-ACTION, offers an integrated User-friendly forecasting solution that can be customised to each company particular specifications.

Using PRO-ACTION  forecasting solution, a manager can predict such figures as:

  • Demand
  • Sales
  • Profit
  • Market Share
  • Financial Indices
  • The forecasting solution of PRO-ACTION, is based on models built  over the Microsoft® EXCEL™ platform.

The major advantages of the suggested forecasting solution, are:

1.    Managers do not need to be statistics experts or know the technical aspects of forecasting models.

2.    Forecasting models can be easily customised by the managers themselves.

3.    Managers can incorporate their own judjement and expertise into the models. Thus the models combine the manager estimates with the objective parameters that are automatically extracted from the historical data.



The Forecasting Models are based on Time Series Analysis of past measurements. They predict and analyse not only the trend of the forecasted figures on these measurements, but also the seasonality and the medium term variations pertaining to them.

For a snapshot from the Forecasting tool, click on the thumbnail below to enhance picture: