Retail Analytics

Retail Analytics news img_419866_1are based on the concept of getting the maximum advantage from the corporate data in order to help Marketing Managers make better decisions.


The major advantages of using Analytics in the Retail Sector are the following:


  • Targeting of the most Important Market Segments
  • Profiling of those Segments
  • Great Savings in Time and Cost
  • Discovery of Product Relationships and Optimal Product Portfolio Promotion
  • Improvement of the Communication between Suppliers and Customers
  • Product Customisation to the Customer Needs

PRO-ACTION supports companies in Retail Analytics activities by using cutting edge technologies and by exploiting the advantages of any relevant software (e.g. our proprietary tool DECISION FORCE and other existing tools and Platforms in the Market).


In particular, PRO-ACTION provides services in the following applications:


Automatic Market Segmentation

Consumer and Product Profile detection

Determination of Target Groups for a new product or service

Market Basket Analysis / Cross-Selling / Up-Selling Opportunities

Relationship Marketing

Churn Analysis

Analysis of Antagonism