Business Requirements Analysis Services

PRO-ACTIONbusinessmodeling has successfully managed the Acquisition and the Documentation of the Requirements and Business Processes for a number of projects where the objective was related to a major task or an entire domain. The Requirements Document was used in order either to automate processes through an Information System or to be able to impose a unified policy throughout a company or a division of it. Thus, everyone who is involved in a task can carry it out according to some well-defined standards.

In this aspect, PRO-ACTION can assist a company in:

  • Capturing the Requirements and Identifying the major Business Processes
  • Deciding on any Changes in the Business Process Flow, if appropriate
  • Documenting the Business Processes and the corresponding Requirements
  • Analysing the Requirements using both Descriptive Text and well defined methodologies such as UML (with Object Oriented Process representation).
  • Identifying a Project Plan for the Implementation of those Requirements

Up to now, PRO-ACTION has provided such services for the following sectors:

  • Logistics
  • Production Planning
  • Distribution Policy Management
  • Software Analysis & Development