Personnel Assessment and Optimal Allocation

PRO-ACTION has developed and successfully applied an Intelligent Software Tool for the Performance Assessment of Personnel and Candidate Personnel of a company for several different job Positions.

Moreover, the same tool can be used for the Optimal Allocation (and Re-Allocation) of a number of Employees to a number of Job Positions so as to maximise the Expected Performance of the entire Human Resource force of the Company.

This is an Ideal Tool for Massive Personnel Screening and Selection and Assignment to the most appropriate Position.

It is also an appropriate approach for Screening and Optimal Fitting for applicants for Specialised Positions where the number of Applicants might be large and we want to perform a first Screening before moving forward towards a final selection decision.

The Performance Assessment is carried out by Analysing the Skills of Employees using a pool of Experts' Knowledge for the Ideal Position Profiles and apply this Expert Knowledge to form a Rational Assessment Scheme possible to assess the Skills of many employees for several Positions.

Such an approach could offer:

  • More Rational and Objective Decisions with the ability to Assess Many Candidates using the Best Experts' Opinion.
  • Great Time Saving in Assessing Candidates
  • Great Cost Saving
  • Ability to encode the Experts' Know-how and build a knowledge base that will assist you in future Assessments.

This Software Tool provides several useful knowledge, such as:

  • Analysis of the Ideal Profile descriptions rovided by the Experts.
  • Similarity Indexes between different Job Positions.
  • Assessment Scores for the suitability of any Employee for any of the target Positions.
  • Assignment Proposals for a number of candidate Employees to a number of candidate Positions, in order to maximize the overall suitability from these Assignments and attain the optimal overall company performance.